A Great Kickoff!

2024.04.16  Glady

From the last week of March until April 10th, Yume Kirara held a morning shift for students who were on their spring break. A teacher was assigned to teach kids in the morning. Lessons were fun and easy to understand. Kids enjoyed making crafts, sweets and desserts, and they also researched about other countries. It’s fun to see every student enjoying their stay in our school as they learn English with their new found friends.


And the fun learning and activities continued to the afternoon sessions. Students had egg hunting. We saw their excitement as they crack the eggs with a treat inside. It was a great activity especially for the new students who received support from the older kids. It’s rewarding to see them help each other and share a good laugh.


It’s nice to start the school year with a great kickoff! I hope to have fun with everyone this year!