New School Year this April

2024.04.03  Glady

How time flies! I’ve finished a whole school year at Yume Kirara School! It was a fun-filled year with lots of great experiences and sweet memories to cherish. From the shy smiles and soft greetings of our students on our first meeting to their confident public speaking during speech recital and a nice song and dance performance from our first to second graders and other willing participants. Also, on the last day of March, we had a fun field trip at Kanuma City where we enjoyed strawberry picking! I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy on this successful year. Of course, I wouldn’t have done it without the help and support of my hardworking team!


We started preparing the materials of our new students as early as February. All the teachers are equipped to teach and handle each student because we had a training conducted by a professional consultant. We discussed various possible scenarios and planned how we could solve challenging situations that may occur. We also talked about improving our curriculum for better English results from our students.


On the first week of April, we are having an orientation for the new students. This also serves as a review for the older students who showed encouraging support to their younger peers. How fulfilling it is to see our older kids help the newcomers! It’s a great achievement of all the teachers who have taught these kids good manners and English communication.


All the teachers are excited to welcome our students this new school year to their second home – Yume Kirara School.