Strawberry Picking this Spring!

2024.03.26  Glady

Spring has finally come! It’s my favorite season because I love blooming flowers. This season is telling me that a new beginning has to unfold and I’m always excited on what each petal of the flower brings.


I just can’t hold my excitement this coming Thursday because Yume Kirara School will hold a strawberry picking event. As you know, Tochigi is famous for delicious strawberries! They come in all different sizes and won’t disappoint you when you crave that sweetness from strawberries especially when they’re fresh. We can eat as much strawberries as we can right after we pick them! As of now, 30 students have applied to join this event.


Here’s my self-made strawberry themed nails to match this event!


Teachers have planned different activities that the kids will surely enjoy. If the weather’s nice, we’re going to have a lunch at the park nearby. There’s also a craft activity in which students can show how creative they are. Finally, there’s a writing activity for them to cherish this day and will also serve as their souvenir from this field trip!


This month, I also celebrated my first year in the company. I have met good people at work and I’m very lucky to be surrounded by kind-hearted coworkers who always show their support and give me a helping hand. I’m also grateful to our students who are very eager to learn something from their teachers. We can see their progress and it’s rewarding to witness how they help each other in all the activities.