‘Til We Meet Again!

2024.03.19  Glady

This week, we are holding the graduation ceremony for the fourth grader students. All students wrote a special letter to the graduates and put it in the scrapbook. Each graduating student would receive the scrapbook that contains farewell messages from their friend. Some students who are good in drawing made a sketch of the graduating kids and placed it in the scrapbook. Teachers also wrote messages of congratulations and best wishes to the graduates. There’s also a special page in the scrapbook that contains photos of the graduates. Everyone has become friends and it’s a good way to reminisce their friendships even after they graduated from Yume Kirara.


The graduation started with a song and dance performance from the younger students. It’s the song that was taught to the kids which was related to their final lesson about “vegetables”. Teachers thought that it’s a good way to build the lower graders’ confidence by performing together before reciting their individual speech in front of a big audience.


A speech recital was also held before the graduation ceremony. Every student made a speech about himself or herself. Teachers helped and checked the kids’ speech. Last week, they practiced with their peers during the activity time and surely it helped them in handling their nervousness. Everyone could recite the speech in front without a copy!


As a special part of the celebration, students would also receive certificate of recognition for their good efforts and accomplishments this school year. All teachers decided each kid’s award.


We invited parents to watch their children and show their support to them. The entire event was video recorded and it was sent to the parents at night. It was definitely a great celebration as all students could rejoice with the awards they received. Parents who went to witness the celebration were all happy and proud of the achievements of their children.