Consult for Better Results!

2024.02.29  Glady

I’m sure everyone aspires good results. Who wouldn’t?


In Yume Kirara School, we have a consultant who teaches us how to run the school effectively. I’ve recently joined in the consultation this year. I’m glad to be part of it. Before, it was run in Japanese but because I don’t speak Japanese, they’ve made a major change to use English as the medium of the consultation. I was greatly moved with the changes my coworkers have done so that I can be part of this meaningful consultation.


This year’s goal is to run the school more efficiently and to get better English results from our students. Actually, compared to the previous schools I worked for; I would say that our students in Yume Kirara have higher comprehension in English. It’s proven true with the results of their EIKEN tests. I’m very glad to say that when I started working in this school, many kids try to talk to me in English because they know that I don’t speak Japanese. They use simple English and if they can’t express it, they would ask other teachers how to say it in English or I try to ask them to gesture or draw it. I’m happy that other older kids help their younger friends in communicating with me. However, we still want everyone to be more expressive using English not only with the native teacher but with their other teachers and friends too.


During consultations, we can discuss our struggles and challenging tasks to our mentor. Everyone shares ideas that we can do to help each other and make English learning easier for our students. This consultation also includes training in which we learn various ways and techniques of handling diverse students of different ages.


I am happy to learn more from our mentor as well as my other fellow teachers. This consultation helps us have the time we need to sit down together and discuss certain topics.  I am excited this coming school year for the improved version of myself as English teacher! I’ll definitely apply the things I’ve learned from this training/consultation in my classes.