New Year’s Goal

2024.01.16  Glady

It’s a common thing to have new year’s resolution. Each year, everyone aspires to change something about himself or herself, do things better, or achieve something new. All of us have our own goals. So, as part of the yearly activity of our students at Yume Kirara School, teachers help kids come up with their goals and be able to say and write them in English.


On January, every kid will write their goal on a rocket-shaped paper both in English and Japanese. Teachers will check it before they post it on their chosen planet in the solar system attached to the wall of the staircase. Surely, it will remind them of their goals every time they pass the stairs and will motivate them to do better to achieve them.


How about you? Have you thought of your goal this year? What are you doing to achieve it? I hope you’re always motivated and encouraged to improve yourself all year round. There’s no perfect time to start it than NOW!