Two-Week Christmas Celebration!

2023.12.13  Glady

Yumekirara is inviting our students’ friends to join a two-week Christmas lesson from December 11th to 22nd. Teachers prepared a lot of fun-filled activities that the kids will greatly enjoy while learning English.


On the first week’s craft time, kids will make different kinds of Christmas cards to their liking. They can make pop-up cards, Santa or reindeer style cards, or their original cards not limiting their imaginations. They take it home after or they can continue it the next time they come.


On the second week, they will make Christmas ornaments – a reindeer, a snowman, and Christmas bells! Teachers prepared the materials in advance so that kids will find it easy to assemble. They can decorate their crafts to their preferences.


Teachers also planned a special Christmas lesson where kids can say what they want to receive on Christmas. They can also describe it using simple adjectives that they’ve learned in our previous lessons. For older kids, they can learn different Christmas activities and what their plans for the holidays.


Kids will be immersed in every activity as they hear instructions and communicate with their teachers in English. Teachers encourage everyone to speak in English. We teach them how to say useful expressions in English. Especially the polite sentences they need in collaborating with others. We want our children to easily adapt and enjoy their social interactions.


Christmas is just around the corner. Have you planned an exciting thing to do with your loved ones? What present would you like to receive or reward yourself this Christmas? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration!