Thanksgiving Lesson at Yume Kirara

2023.11.21  Glady

Earlier this month, a lesson about Thanksgiving was taught to our children at Yume Kirara. Kids learned that it was an important event in America and Canada. I researched about this event and narrated it to them using simple words in English. I had helped from another teacher in conducting different activities that our students would enjoy. Hopefully, the activities we had would help them recall what Thanksgiving is about.


Actually, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This week, I included in our EIKEN style test about this event. I took some photos of significant details about Thanksgiving and asked the kids to number each photo when they hear it in my simple narration.


This was how my narration goes:


The Pilgrims were from Europe. They moved to America riding a ship called the Mayflower. They built their houses. The Pilgrim’s life was difficult especially in winter. The Wampanoags were the native people who helped the Pilgrims. Massasoit was their leader who talked to the Pilgrims. He sent Squanto who taught them how to plant corn, hunt, and fish. The Pilgrims survived because of the help from Massasoit and Squanto. The Pilgrims held a feast after their successful harvest. Wampanoags learned about the feast and they brought more food that they could share. It was the first Thanksgiving that happened in autumn in 1621.


During the checking of answers, I was glad that almost everyone got the correct answers even the ones who were shy and not expressive in class. Honestly, what I only knew before about Thanksgiving is it’s a family gathering where everyone enjoys roasted turkey. Because of this lesson, I learned more about Thanksgiving. It was great to know other’s culture. I hope I make our students deeply understand this culture.

Wall decoration I made with kids’ help in celebration of the Thanksgiving!