Keep Carriere Held a Marche Event

2023.11.14  Glady

Last November 11th, Keep Carriere held a Marche event at the Fairy Square in Utsunomiya City. Different handmade shops joined the event where people could buy great products. There were bags, earrings, dog leashes, beanies, and a lot more which were all handmade. Prices varied depending on the labor and design of the item but one thing’s for sure, they were all great! You’d definitely see the hard work of the seller.


Yume Kirara also joined the event. There was a short lesson about autumn with varied activities depending on the participants’ level. Craft time followed after the lesson. Participants enjoyed making fancy key holders that produced “shaking sounds”. Some of the Yume Kirara kids also joined the lesson and craft making. It was nice to see them engaged with the lesson and how confident they were to speak English with other kids.


I was also able to roam different shops. I saw a few students with their parents who happily made crafts from at the handmade stores. It was nice to encounter them outside the school. We had short conversation about their day and how much they enjoyed the event.


It was a great feeling for to see our students interacting with me outside Yume Kirara School. I hope we encouraged other kids to study English and be able to use it confidently.