Yume Kirara School Celebrates Halloween

2023.10.06  Glady

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. It’s a special holiday that centers on scary creatures such as ghosts, vampires, mummy, werewolf, zombies, and other characters. It has a spooky atmosphere and many TV shows and programs air scary stories that mostly happened in real life.


On Halloween, children wear costumes for trick or treating. Many kids wait for this holiday to come. They go to their neighborhood’s front doors and they collect treats or candies by saying, “Trick or treat!” Kids enjoy it because they get to wear their favorite character’s costumes and they can eat a lot of sweets.


Still, many children don’t know why they’re celebrating Halloween. Let me tell you what I found out about the history of Halloween. It was first celebrated in Ireland but it’s also a culture in Scotland. Long ago, people in these countries only did nighttime pranking. However, it became so terrible that a lot of people were hurt. The 1933 celebration was even called the Black Halloween.


Everything changed after the World War II. There were a lot of newborns and kids started having the famous trick or treats wearing their Halloween costumes. There was no more shortage for sugar and so a lot of candies were made which were perfect treats to put in a plastic Jack-o-lantern basket.


Halloween has become more and more popular that many other countries celebrate it for fun experiences and memories. People often go shopping for Halloween costumes and decorations. There are many ghost festivals and many party goers love mingling with other people and they enjoy some kind of horror shows.


At Yume Kirara School, both children and teachers put up Halloween decorations. Teachers prepared many Halloween activities that the students will enjoy. On October 9th, we’ll conduct a promotional lesson and everyone is invited to join. There’s a short lesson about Halloween characters and craft making will follow. Teachers also prepared snacks and cotton candies for all the students, and non-alcoholic cocktail drinks for everyone to enjoy. There will also be freebies for parents who will stay and learn about the school and our company. It will be a fun-filled day for all the participants.


On October 16th to 27th, Yume Kirara School will also hold an open lesson that welcomes other children who are referred by our current students. These children can come to our school and enjoy eating snacks, playing with other kids during free time, and joining the lesson activities. It will surely be a great event for all kids. Teachers prepared a special Halloween lesson for the entire week with aligned writing activities and Halloween crafts! See you there!