Food Fest at the Fairy Square

2023.09.11  Glady

Keep Carriere Co., Ltd. held a two-day food festival at Fairy Square in Utsunomiya on September 9th to 10th . Most employees of the company actively joined the event. Many food vendors of various dishes and desserts participated. We could enjoy fried chicken, crepes, sweet potato milkshake, pasta, Japanese pan-fried batter or monja, and a lot more.


Kids could also enjoy various games such as ring game, shooting game, spot the difference, quiz or trivia about Tochigi, and mystery box guessing. Once the kids collected seals for these games, they could play the roulette and win special prizes like meat, roll cake, strawberry rice cake, and special butter to name a few. There was also a booth for nail art which is popular for young girls. Some of our students came and took part in the games.


On the first day, the main attraction was ice carving. The artist sculpted a life-sized motorcycle that the young kids could sit on for picture taking. Some of the male teachers helped the artist and received a hands-on short tutorial. The artist also carved the famous Tochigi character—Tochimaru-kun. There was also a live sculpting presentation where the artist carved beautiful flowers inside a block of ice. He asked for volunteers to help him put colors in the flowers. Luckily, one of our students was chosen and he did really great with the artist’s guidance.


There was tuna sashimi cutting on the second day. It was performed by a skilled and professional sashimi master. People could enjoy watching the show. They could buy and eat it there.


I was only able to attend the first day of the food festival. I was assigned on the ring game. I learned useful Japanese from my fellow teacher to help the kids accomplish the game. I used English for our students and I was glad how they responded with confidence in front of their parents. I had so much fun interacting with kids and I also enjoyed eating delicious food!


Life-sized motorcycle that the kids could sit on for picture taking.

Tochigimaru-kun, Tochigi’s famous character.

Japanese pan-fried batter that I had for lunch.

A photo I took after the event. Behind me were the ice flower carvings.