Yume Kirara School Holds EIKEN

2023.06.01  Glady

On June 17th, Yume Kirara School will hold the yearly EIKEN for willing students. Many of our students take EIKEN to determine their English proficiency level. Most of them pass the test! But, what exactly is EIKEN and why do students take it?


EIKEN is a test of English proficiency. Most takers are students who are taking English lessons or going to an English school to know the progress of their proficiency. Age brackets can vary because anyone can take it — may he/she be a student or an adult. Students who pass EIKEN take pride of their achievements. Parents are very delighted to know that their children pass EIKEN. Teachers are as proud as parents when students pass this test. There is no greater achievement for the teacher than to see his/her students passing the exams. We strongly encourage our students to take this test especially those whom we believe are already equipped and ready.


However, if a student fail EIKEN, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she didn’t learn English. We have to consider that this test only uses a PASS/FAIL scoring system. With this, it is hardly difficult to know and to say that those who fail didn’t have any progress. It is from my personal perspective that each student makes progress of their proficiency whenever they are exposed to English. That is why many parents send their children to a school that uses English as a medium of teaching and instruction.


Yume Kirara School guarantees better EIKEN results because it does not only use English during the lesson, but all throughout the day. For this reason, many of our students pass EIKEN. There are many opportunities for students to use English at Yume Kirara School. Once students arrive at school, they’re warmly greeted by the teachers and there’s a simple conversation in English that follows. Most students will answer in English and only a few – especially the new first graders will answer in Japanese. When they do, the teacher will help them how to say it in English. During the lesson, English interactions through fun learning activities are used so that students will be actively engaged and get used to using the target expressions. Situational role plays are enforced for them to better understand the lesson and be able to use English naturally. For higher levels, the teacher will read a story that is connected to today’s lesson and ask questions to check students’ listening comprehension.


These are only a few advantages of enrolling students at Yume Kirara School. There are a lot more fun activities and events that await the students for their English learning journey.