Special Summer Week: A Well Paid Off Effort!

2024.07.05  Glady

It’s a special week at Yume Kirara. Our students invited their friends to have a free lesson and enjoy the whole afternoon with other kids. As children arrive, they do their homework by themselves or with help from their friends. This week, teachers gave premade origami to children who have finished their homework. Kids were more motivated to do their homework because they could choose an origami that they like from insects, animals, dinosaurs, and etc.

On the first day, a student from Hawaii who is having his summer vacation joined the lesson. Kids were thrilled to talk to him in English because he doesn’t speak much Japanese. I was happy and amazed to hear our students asked him questions in English! They were now confident and even first graders were good at making a new friend!


There’s also a familiar face who joined in the last summer event. It was nice to see him again and have lesson with him. Other kids helped him during our lesson.


During snack time, everyone could enjoy an ice cream while watching a movie or playing board games, card games, or enjoying their free time. On other days we also offer ice cream to the kids. But this time, they could enjoy it for the whole week!


On the last day, as we sent off a first grader, we saw his older sister who was previously my student. I gave her a dinosaur origami and she was so happy to receive it. It’s a great feeling to see my older students.


I found a suitable summer song for first and second graders and taught them simple gestures to easily memorize it. They were singing it even after their lesson and have made funny versions of it. I’m just glad that the teachers’ effort was all paid off!